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Organize and sustain over time an academic community that contributes to the scientific development of organizational psychology and behavior in Chile.


The values of the Society are given by the search for truth, intellectual diversity, pluralism, transparency and ethical action.


Build links between researchers in psychology and organizational behavior in Chile:

  • Facilitate academic dialogue and collaboration.

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and research resources.

  • Build opportunities to expand and develop new research initiatives.

  • Spread scientific knowledge of psychology and organizational behavior in the community and promote a public interest in it.

  • Motivate and support the scientific training of specialists for psychology and organizational behavior


The main goal of the Society is to connect its members and facilitate work synergies between them and also support them for the dissemination of their work. The following purposes derive from this objective:

  • Connect researchers in psychology and organizational behavior in Chile.

  • Facilitate collaboration between members of the Society.

  • Generate instances of research discussion and debate among members of the Society.

  • Disseminate the research work of members of the Society in the community.

  • Promote good practices in the exercise of the profession of psychology and organizational behavior.

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