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SOCIPCO 2019 Conference

For more than a century, the study of psychological processes applied to work in organizations has been a central task of the social sciences and of the administration, in order to promote high organizational effectiveness and the well-being of workers. Thus, today there is extensive knowledge about the importance of the individual, group, and organizational processes for job performance and the psychological experience of working. However, this task is far from being completed, given the complexity of the human condition and its behavioral processes. This is how scientific research must maintain its effort to offer an increasingly comprehensive look at the phenomenon of the person at work in organizations. In the context of extreme globalization, Chile must join this task, contributing not only to the application of the knowledge already developed to the national reality but also contributing to the international stage with knowledge developed in the country that is applicable in various cultural scenarios on a global level. Today this is possible given the emerging community of Chilean researchers, highly qualified in science, with training in doctoral and master's programs. Thus, today psychology and organizational behavior developed in Chile have a relevant voice to contribute to the scientific development of these disciplines.

After the foundation of the Chilean Scientific Society for Organizational Psychology and Behavior (SOCIPCO), on June 26, 2019 the society's 1st conference was held, entitled "Contributing to the Scientific Development of Organizational Psychology and Behavior in Chile." In this event, the formal launch of the Society was made and it was also an instance of dialogue, discussion, and debate of the research work carried out by its members.

At this conference, the international speaker was Professor Howard Weiss, Director of the Georgia Tech University School of Psychology, College of Sciences, USA. Dr. Weiss is a long-time academic and leader in the investigation of emotions at work, which has materialized in the influential Theory of Affective Events. Furthermore, in the last decade, Professor Weiss has devoted himself to Worker-Centered Organizational Psychology, in order to understand the form, content and meaning of the subjective experience of working in organizations. Professor Weiss gave a masterful and inspiring presentation about the role of organizational psychology in today's society.


Héctor Madrid, PhD

SOCIPCO President

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